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Reozeo 411 deep dives into the salty, sad, and sadistic life of Wccftech resident troll dweller Silky Johnson.


Looking back at what was it is easy to describe what FOX had done to stand out as a new major player in the broadcast TV industry was extraordinary.  

What was originally referred to as the 'Fox Children Production's in 1990 and later renamed to 'FOX Kids' by '93. The FOX network took the existing children's television format used by the major broadcast stations CBS, NBC, and ABC that showed children's programming just on Saturday mornings, and dedicated a weekday blocks for children's television.Logo Fox_Kids.png

From 2PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, and from 7AM-12PM Saturday, the FOX broadcast station became the FOX Kids network and during that time slot the network catered only to a young audience.

Finger licking good.  


Of all places, one would think home of KFC would have every option available for chicken, but nope. KFC Gold, no don't want that.  KFC Nashville hot chicken, no don't want that.  

In Doom there was the BFG-9000, in Gears of War there's the Hammer of Dawn, in Saints Row IV there is the coolest weapon ever named the 'Dubstep Gun'. 


But you might be wondering still, what exactly is a dubstep gun?   The dubstep gun is a featured weapon found in the 4th Saints Row game, it is literally a modified looking assault rifle that has a sub-wolfer speaker, amplifier, equializer and a turntable attached.  When triggered this gun bursts out a pulsating beam of light and dubstep audio onto it's target, sending them into a groove state of uncontrollable dance movement until they burst.   Not only that the gun plays probably one of the best dubstep sound tracks throughout the firing.  This gun can be improved upon to have a wider target range and heavier damage.  

Breaking News:  A man, right, reported by The Associated Press to be the gunman, after the shooting of the Russian ambassador, on the floor, on Monday at a gallery in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.


Today President-Elect Donald Trump's 306's electoral votes will get officially voted in by the Electoral College holders. 

Will there be a "December-Surprise"?



Triumph does an eye opening experiment with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters to show how far supporters would go to defend their candidate.  This is a much watch video.

On November 24th get ready for possibly one of the best Xbox One deals from DELL's Black Friday sale listing .



Today President Obama met with Republican President Elect Donald J. Trump signaling the end of the bitter rival between the two that has been long followed.

In what many are saying is the biggest upset in American history. Republican Donald J Trump defeats Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a surprise electoral collage defeat against political polling prediction odds that overly favored his Democratic rival.   Reozeo politics will look into the stakes of which states were won and lost. What is next for the nation and it's president elect.  Who will make up Trump's White House cabinet?


The election night started with many lamenating Trump had a limited path to reach 270 and that he was wagering a hail marry pass by last campaigning in the Democratic Great Lake states.